Saturday In The Park

Some of you will remember that song.  I got up around 7:00, had a cup of coffee and then promptly fell asleep again.  So much for getting an early start on the day.  Lynette had several errands to run this morning, so I had most of the day to myself.  I spent a couple of hours reorganizing things, getting rid of a few things we really didn’t need and then sat down to organize some of my travel articles.  For the past three or four years, I have been cutting out articles from magazines of places to visit, and then organizing them in a file box by state.  Many of the articles come from magazines like Trailer Life and Motorhome.  My plan is to scan all of them into files by state, but for now, it is just a paper process.  I am about 15 magazines behind, so it is taking some time.

I got tired of cutting out articles, so Maggie, our dog, and I went for a walk. It is an absolutely beautiful day, temperatures in the low 70’s, low humidity, and a good breeze blowing.  Most of the roads are covered in a canopy of leaves, so a lot of the walking is in the shade with the lake off to one side.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, you know the rest.

It was fun to walk with no one else around.  Just a few cars passed but nobody on foot.  It came to me that I have been so goal oriented most of my life, that I tend to focus on what is right in front of me.  Set a goal, focus on it, and then achieve it.  This time, I made it a point to look off to the sides and up during my walk.  It was liberating to see the things around me and have no particular destination.  The journey was to enjoy being outdoors.  I was so relaxed, until a couple of big hills showed up.  No matter, I just looked off to each side, so as not to set a goal of climbing the hill.  I just listened to the rustling of the tree leaves and watched them float slowly to the ground.

Image 9-12-15 at 6.21 PM

I am enjoying having time to just experience life with no deadlines, no place I have to be by a certain time, no news, no music, and nothing in particular I really HAVE to do.  It would be easy to become lazy, but that’s not my style.  There is too much to see and experience and I want to be able to share it with others.  My hope is to bring some sense of adventure, encouragement, and joy to those who read my blog and experience this journey with Lynette and me as we are, RVing the Country.

Yesterday was spent reorganizing the basement area of the camper and listening to the rain hit the roof (a peaceful, lulling sound). Also, hearing the birds use our slide toppers that were filled with water from the rain as a birdbath. Watched them ruffle and shake their feathers afterwards on a branch in the tree beside the windows of the RV. The deer here are numerous and I love to see the little fawns walking around eating the grass with their mamas.

We had to change to a new site today, since we added some extra days here before we leave for VA. The weather cooperated tonight and we were able to cook and eat dinner outside. Maggie and I sat outside, while Kerry went to the store. I saw a hawk swoop down out of the trees to grab his evening meal. Man, what a sight!!

Our new neighbors, Tony and Joann, are so nice and we had a long walk with them after dinner. They live in Panama City, Florida right near St Andrews State Park, where we are staying in November. We plan on reconnecting with them, when we get down there but will enjoy their company while we are here. That is the one thing about camping, there are always new people to meet, friendships gained and an appreciation for all the beauty of God’s creation.


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  1. I’m so excited for you! It’s going to be a while before Jeff & I retire, so I’m going to live vicariously through yours & Lynette’s blog ?. I can’t wait to see all the exciting places your going to visit!

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