Old Salem, NC

Today we drove into Winston Salem, NC to have lunch with my aunt and uncle at a little Greek restaurant.  He told me it was somewhere between fancy and a hole in the wall.  It used to be a hole in the wall until they added bathrooms you could enter from the inside of the building instead of having to go outside and enter from there.  I knew when they had plastic menus, that this was my kind of place.  The food was terrific and lots of it. We were stuffed.

From there we went over to Old Salem.  It is a section of town that was founded in 1766 by the Moravians, a Protestant faith that began in what is now known as the Czech Republic.  It has been restored from the detailed records the Moravians kept.  Most of the buildings are original with some restoration work and others have been rebuilt.


Old Flag and Musket


Built 1797

There were separate buildings for single men and single women to stay in, but the women had to visit the Single Men House because that is where the bread for the town was baked.  As the town began to grow, this worried the town fathers, so they built a bakery and brought in a baker.  The bakery is still in operation and is one of the oldest working bakeries in the US.  Lynette and I had a piece of chocolate pound cake and it was wonderful.

The Single Men House

The Single Men House



The Town Square with the Single Women House in the background

This is the town square with the Single Women house in the background.  The bakery is down the street away from either of them.

It was so funny because the Single Women House now houses the Admissions Office of Salem College.  There were three girls sitting on a park bench in the park.  One was smoking a really stinky cigar and used the word “like” about every third word. Another had purple hair on one side and pink on the other, wearing short shorts with a multicolored top and black stockings with holes all in them.  I never made it to see what the third girl was wearing.  I guess this is a Liberal Arts school. The times, they have-a changed.


IMG_1664 Not much room between houses

IMG_1670 IMG_1669

No significance here, but Lynette is sitting at the town Tavern.  It was featuring Pumpkin Ale today but we decided to pass.  There is a sign down the street that President Washington stayed here one night.  I find it amusing that the Taverns were usually also the town hotel.  We wouldn’t want anyone to get arrested for RUI.  Riding Under the Influence.

The Tavern

Lynette at the Tavern

That’s it for today.  We had a great time and will be moving on to Williamsburg, VA tomorrow for a couple of weeks as we are RVingthecountry.


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