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 April 5, 2016
New Braunfels, TX and Gruene, TX
We have seen so many things and places as we’ve crossed the country into Texas.  Some of the ones that come to mind are when we first crossed the Texas State Line, Buc-ees….I have never heard of Buc-ees but kept seeing the signs when were in Louisiana.  I finally got to see one and it is a huge gas station and store (think Quik Trip but at least 4 times as big if not bigger).  Their billboards are quite humorous and remind me of the South of the Border signs, if you have ever made the trip from NC to SC on I-95.
Buc-ee’s is known for posting billboards by Texas interstate highways with simple and humorous slogans.
  • “If It Harms Beavers, We’re Against It!”
  • “Clean Restrooms, We Guarantee It”
  • “It’s A Beaver!”
  • “Restrooms So Clean, We Leave Mints on the Urinals”
  • “Ice, Beer, Jerky: The 3 Food Groups”
  • “The Top Two Reasons to Stop at Buc-ee’s: #1 and #2”
  • “A Bigger Kolache I Never Sausage a Thing”
  • “Don’t worry, P happy”
  • “Epic Flush”
  • “Don’t stay thirsty my friends.”
  • “Worth the Wait”
  • “The Eyes of Buc-ee’s Are Upon You”
  • “Buy a gift, leave a gift.”

Their #1 branded product is caramel and butter-glazed corn puffs known as ‘Beaver Nuggets.  I will say the billboards themselves made for quite a few laughs along the way

and made our ride more enjoyable.  Thanks, Buc-ee’s!!
Getting to see the Guadalupe River for the first time, seeing unusual names like Woman Hollering Creek makes me laugh.  I know there has to be a great story behind that one!!  Getting to see one of the oldest dance halls in the State of Texas in Gruene
 (pronounced Green).

Texas Bluebonnet in all of it’s glory!!


Gruene Hall, one of the oldest Dance Hall in Texas.


We weren’t the only ones take pictures of this sweet ride, everyone was!!



This was a beautiful display of glorious color, wildflowers and annuals.

I found out my favorite flower is the Texas Bluebonnet not just because blue is my favorite color but these babies are gorgeous!!  Kerry found his favorite car here in Gruene, wouldn’t that look cool being pulled behind our rig!!  If you’re going to dream, dream big!!
On our ride into New Braunfels, we opted for the backroads so we could see a little more of small town America.  The roads were lined with huge ranches, miles and miles of property loaded with cedar, mesquite and oak trees.  We saw goats, horses, sheep,
cattle and even..zebras.   I kid you not, zebras!!   We came home later and looked up Zebra ranches and found we had passed by the Natural Bridge
Wildlife Ranch.  Their slogan is African Safari, Texas Style!!  Gotta love it!!  Everything is bigger and better in Texas!!
April 3, 2016
Kerrville, TX

We came to find better WIFI internet and found Kerrville, TX. Here is a pic of the clock tower right on Main Street, There is a Dept. Store here called Shreiner that has been in business since 1869. Texas you sure are full of surprises!! My second time to see the Guadalupe River that has a park right beside it, beautiful!IMG_3010IMG_3007 (1)IMG_3006IMG_3005

March 31, 2016
Lake Charles, LA to Columbus, TX

As we have made our way from Louisiana to Texas, I have enjoyed seeing the beauty that each state has to offer.   The swamps of Louisiana with the alligators and turtles, drapes of Spanish moss hanging from the cypress trees.  The leaves on the trees are in multiple shades of green that only spring can provide and gorgeous azaleas all in their full glory of color, pinks, purples, reds and white.  Just when you think nothing can be more beautiful, you cross the state line of Texas.  On the sides of the interstate are masses of wildflowers, looking like colorful Easter eggs, coral, blue, yellow and pink. 



Columbus, Texas was our next stop as we stayed at Thousand Trails on the Colorado River.  This campground was huge with the Colorado River, the Pecan Groves and wildflowers surrounding the property.  Neighboring farms with cows mooing in the distance were heard throughout the night.  Mule deer and squirrels were prevalent everywhere and were not really afraid of humans or the occasional picture.  The squirrels had been eating really well with all the pecan groves, they are the size of a toy dog at close to 3 lbs.  I guess everything IS BIGGER IN TEXAS!!

As we entered the town of Columbus, we crosseded a huge rusty steel beamed bridge that towers over the Colorado River.  Once in town on the right is the best doughnut shop ever, called Shipley’s Donuts.  The donuts are light and airy and are the best I have ever had!!  They also serve Kolaches, mine had homemade sausage, whole seeded Jalapeno and cheese rolled up and baked in dough, think Pig in a Blanket gone overboard.  It was awesome!!  Thanks, ladies, you were great!!  I loved how the people in town were so friendly and were wishing you a happy and blessed Easter.  Hope everyone at home had a very blessed and happy Easter, too!!

March 18, 2016
 Fountainebleau State Park
Mandeville, LA

Kerry and I like to go to restaurants where the locals usually go. This morning was no exception, we headed in to Mandeville and stopped at Liz’s Where Y’at Diner. Kerry had the Bananas Foster Waffle and I had my favorite Eggs Benedict. Oh my, perfectly poached eggs that would have made Julia Child proud. A large slice of yummy ham on the best English Muffin with this glorious, creamy Hollandaise sauce on top. The coffee was superb(Liz’s own blend),the staff was excellent and we met some wonderful people seated next to us.

Today it has been raining, we stayed here one more day because I-10 is still closed at the Texas/Louisiana border. We been trying to find campgrounds we are able to get to, that aren’t closed due to flooding. We finally found one in Lake Charles, La. So we are heading out in the morning. Because of the rain, we decided to eat supper here. I googled several recipes for Chicken Etoufee and found one posted by a Cajun gentleman named Daniel, who dedicated this recipe to his Nannie. It’s got to be good if his grandmother cooked it…right??!!?? Oh my…Nannie’s recipe is a winner.

March 17, 2016
New Orleans, LA

This has been an awesome day!! Touring the French Quarter with my best friend and love of my life, experiencing the sounds, sights and smells of this city. From the coffee and beignets, the smell of pralines in the air from Aunt Sally’s, crawfish etoufee and other creole delights. We headed over to Jackson Square, artists were outside with all their paintings set up and ready to sell. Then we stopped on our way back to the car, at the Central Grocery Co. This store sells a variety of meats, cheeses, coffee and canned goods but what they are most known for is their sandwich….The Original Muffaletta. Oh, my, my, my, the tastebuds are dancing now. Homemade bread with ham, salami, cheeses and wait for it….olives. It is my favorite sandwich of all time!!! It is spicy, creamy, salty, tangy and makes my mouth water thinking about it! Between the heat and humidity, it was only 84 (but felt like 90) and the walking; we headed home to our house on wheels and collapsed. Hope your day was a great one, too!!

This has been an awesome day!! Touring the French Quarter with my best friend and love of my life, experiencing the sounds, sights and smells of this city. From the coffee and beignets, the smell of pralines in the air from Aunt Sally’s, crawfish etoufee and other creole delights. We headed over to Jackson Square, artists were outside with all their paintings set up and ready to sell. Then we stopped on our way back to the car, at the Central Grocery Co. This store sells a variety of meats, cheeses, coffee and canned goods but what they are most known for is their sandwich….The Original Muffaletta. Oh, my, my, my, the tastebuds are dancing now. Homemade bread with ham, salami, cheeses and wait for it….olives. It is my favorite sandwich of all time!!! It is spicy, creamy, salty, tangy and makes my mouth water thinking about it! Between the heat and humidity, it was only 84 (but felt like 90) and the walking; we headed home to our house on wheels and collapsed. Hope your day was a great one, too!!

March 15, 2016

Meaher State Park
Spanish Fort, AL

Absolutely beautiful!! Staying at another awesome state park in the great state of Alabama!! Right on Mobile Bay!! I got a load of clothes washing and took Maggie for a walk.

Oak Mountain State Park
Pelham, AL
March 11-15, 2016

What an awesome weekend it has been, visiting with friends and family here in the Birmingham area!! Thank you Andy and Cathy for sharing your family and your time with us, we so enjoyed it!! It was great seeing your Dad today, sharing a wonderful meal and yes, even throwing a football or two!! Oak Mountain State Park is a real gem in the middle of your city and we have thoroughly enjoyed camping here.

Breakfast with Cindy and Alan Davenport, enjoying our meal and time with friends. Then to cap off a perfect weekend, dinner with Anne and James Ruzic at Taziki’s. g our time here so special, we love you all!!


February 29, 2016
Blue Springs State Park
Orange City, FL


We dropped off our RV at La Mesa RV for a few items that needed to be fixed. Then headed up to Blue Springs State Park to see the manatees. There were 148 manatees at the park, some moms with their babies swimming lazily in the St. John’s River. Several preschools and elementary schools were there for field trips, having the time of their lives.



Double crested Cormorants at Blue Springs State Park, Orange City, FL. These birds hold their wings up in the air so the sun can dry their wings.



February 18, 2016
Wekiva Falls RV Park


Our new rig has a washer and dryer, I am so excited about this feature!! Trips to the laundromat were typically about $18.00 or more a week to wash and dry clothes at the campgrounds or at a local laundromat. My first load just finished washing and they are now drying. Happy dance, happy dance!!!

February 17, 2016
Wekiva Falls RV Park 

Moved into our diesel pusher today, we are pooped!! Having downsized to an RV, one wouldn’t think it would take as long as it did. A big shout out to my daughter, Erin and friends Ashley and Rachel, could not have finished without you!! Thanks again!! Pictures to follow once everything is in its place!!

February 14, 2016
Wekiva Falls RV Park


February 11, 2016
Wekiva Falls RV Park

Moved to a new campsite today and our neighbor is a really nice gentleman from Athens, GA, it’s a small world…..


February 7, 2016
Clerbrook RV and Golf Resort
Nachos and the Super Bowl.

February 2, 2016
Clerbrook RV and Golf Resort

It’s a balmy 81 degrees here, sitting on the “veranda” drinking my mint julep…oh wait..I mean eating my Thin Mints…lol. Love those Girl Scouts with puppy dog eyes pleading for you to buy a box or 2.

January 26, 2016
Buttonwood Bay RV Resort, Sebring, FL

Leaving, this was a great place to stay!! Beautiful and lots of great neighbors!!

January 24, 2016
Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, FL

We watched different groups racing, even street cars. My first time at a real racetrack, this was awesome. We got to drive through different areas, get out and watch at different view points for free. Their big race isn’t until March 19, 2016.




January 22, 2016
Buttonwood Bay RV Resort, Sebring, FL

Someone asked if we eat out all the time, I told them no I usually cook every day. Occasionally we go out but most of our meals look like this one. Tonight’s dinner consisted of Grilled Fajita Chicken, Brown Rice and a Spinach Salad with fresh Clementines, Toasted Almonds and a Light Vinaigrette. It was pretty yummy!!



















January 21, 2016

Buttonwood Bay RV Resort, Sebring, FL

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins, yum!! I made these after dinner in our microwave/convection oven.






January 17, 2016

Wachula, FL at the Peace River


That was quite a storm last night, tornado warning at 4:44 AM. Yikes!!

January 13, 2016
Wachula, FL at the Peace River

While Kerry was checking in at Peace River Preserve, I started unhooking the car from the tow bar of the RV. Several men walked up just to watch me unhook the vehicle from the car and asked if I would teach their wives how to do it., not going there, thanks.









January 10, 2016

Reed Bingham State Park
We left this morning to head south for warmer weather and to visit with Kerry’s brother, Scott, before heading westward.  Our trip was very pleasant, traffic was good no bottlenecks and only 1 wreck.  We always utilize the rest areas to take breaks, stretch our legs, walk the dog and we always have that wonderful cup of coffee.  No stress, no deadlines, enjoy the scenery and the ride until… try to find your campground. 
Kerry utilized Siri and I utilized Google to find the way to the campground, our phones are giving the same directions when we come up to an intersection to cross and it gives us a dirt road.  Uh no….our rig with tow car weighs somewhere in the 15,000 lb. range, factor that in with a very rainy night, not a good idea.  Exit, stage right, well, at least a right onto another paved road.  Now Siri and Google have conspired again to wend us the wrong way.  In their pleasant voice we hear, “in a half a mile please turn left onto Evergreen Church Rd.” 
We turned onto a somewhat paved single lane road.  As we slowly drove up the road, we met a couple in a flatbed truck headed for the main road.  We stopped and asked for directions, they laughed and said it turns into a dirt road and they didn’t think we would want to venture that way.  So after getting proper directions and not wanting our vehicles to be on a “slip and slide”, we turned around and headed there with our new and correct directions. 
I have to admit I was ready to get back on the interstate and find something else.  I was glad Kerry persevered to locate this park. Reed Bingham State Park has a large lake, wonderful huge live oaks with Spanish moss dripping off of them.  Offering nice level pull through sites with 50 amp service, water, cable and RV’ers  dream.


January 1, 2016
Holiday Harbor and Marina

Water levels almost to the road, the beginnings of some of the ramps to the docks are completely submerged.

Lynette Land Myers's photo.
Lynette Land Myers's photo.
Lynette Land Myers's photo.

December 31, 2015
Holiday Harbor and Marina

When we first came to stay here at the marina, the lake was really low with a few pontoon boats on dry ground. We are now at full pool, the corps of engineers informed the owners of the marina they are expecting it to rise another 10 ft. in the next day or so. They were moving trailers up the back road to higher ground, we are on a hill so hopefully… we will be okay. The main road dips down so we may have to leave a vehicle on high ground, so we don’t get stranded.. hmmm….not sure this is the adventure we were looking for.


December 13, 2015
Holiday Harbor and Marina

Added my Christmas Village beside our little tree.

Lynette Land Myers's photo.

December 10, 2015
Holiday Harbor and Marina

Our first Christmas in the RV….decided to go with the size of the Peanuts Christmas tree, but with lights and more than one ornament. Burlap ribbon for the bow topper and the ribbon streamers. Beige linen Christmas tree skirt to match the burlap ribbon. I like my little tree, it makes my heart smile. Merry Christmas!!?

Lynette Land Myers's photo.

December 9, 2015
Holiday Harbor and Marina

Dilemma: So how does one decorate an RV for Christmas with 415 sq. ft…….hmmm…

December 5, 2015
Holiday Harbor and Marina

I have a new friend at the lake, his name is Mr. McQuackers….  😉  He is a large, beautiful Muscovy Duck with a white star on his tail and he really likes bread.

Lynette Land Myers's photo.
December 4,  2015
Holiday Harbor and Marina

We’re staying at a Marina with campgrounds through the end of the year, for birthdays and Christmas with the family. The campsites are located on a peninsula so we see water all around us. It’s very peaceful and we are enjoying our stay here. The only wildlife we’ve really seen here are squirrels and ducks. It keeps Maggie’s interest when we go for a walk. There’s a huge boat right on the bank with a dumpster next to it. Every time I walk by it, the theme song from “Gilligan’s Island” keeps running through my head. It looks like it went underwater at one time and restoration is on the to do list for this boat.

Lynette Land Myers's photo.
Lynette Land Myers's photo.

Gilligan’s boat…lol.

Lynette Land Myers's photo.


November 3, 2015
Panama City Beach, FL

Sitting here enjoying my coffee as I look out onto the bay. Beautiful blue waters dotted with sailboats anchored in the bay, with the pelicans and herons flying low looking for a little morsel for breakfast. I have to pinch myself everyday that I am here. I am so very blessed to have this opportunity to see these places, I’ve heard about all my life and experience firsthand .  Thank you, Lord for your creation.




We were blessed to have Lloyd and Anita Davenport drop by and visit with us this afternoon in our little house on wheels.  What a great time we had, they are such a wonderful couple and it has been a pleasure getting to know them.  We took time out to explore a little more of the park this afternoon and went to the beach and watched the sunset.  So beautiful!!  Then off to dinner at the Captain’s Table, so yummy!!  I hope everyone had a great day, we are headed back to our little house on wheels!!



October 26, 2015
Lakepoint State Park, Eufaula, AL

We left for Lake Eufaula, AL on Friday, Oct. 23 and have had a great time. We haven’t seen any alligators but plenty of deer in the area. I have been really sick so I haven’t been able to get out as much as I have wanted. The park here is very nice and very quiet, the lots are pretty level and the people are friendly. They have a huge marina, golf course, lodge, restaurant and cottages along with the camping here. The campsite area has their own beach as well as a boat ramp for fishing, for those with bass boats.

Lakepoint State Park Full MoonLakepoint State Park Lake SiteLakeview sites at Lake Eufaula, ALView from our Campsite at Lake Eufaula, ALView of campsite across from ours at Lake Eufaula, ALLakepoint State Park View from our Site

Kerry hunting alligators

We had a group of campers that come the weekend before Halloween. They bring their vintage campers to stay in and dress up and have a parade on Saturday afternoon giving out candy to the kids. It was really cool!! They have been doing this for years and are so friendly and invite everyone to check out their vintage campers. Kerry was able to see and meet them, being sick I didn’t want to share my germs with anyone.



Only 9 feet long

Only 9 feet long


A vintage Shasta

A vintage Shasta

The weather has been really nice until today, we are starting to receive the remnants of Hurricane Patricia. We are praying for those affected by this storm. We are heading outin the morning for Three Rivers State Park in Florida, it is right on Lake Seminole. There are only 30 camp sites in this park but I am excited to see the sites and the sights in that area. I hope everyone has had a great week!!


September 30,2015
Virginia Beach, VA

Today we headed to Virginia Beach, my first time to drive in a bridge-tunnel under the James River, pretty cool. Then on to visit the Francis Land house, it is on a portion of the property that my ggggggggg(that should be nine greats) Grandfather Francis Land the 1st received when he and his family and group arrived in Virginia in 1630. He started off as a Tobacco Farmer but the crops didn’t produce successfully so they shifted to wheat, corn and oats. He started with approximately 1000 acres of land. The house wasn’t built until the early 1800’s by the seventh Francis Land. It was fascinating to see where and how they lived and to learn a little more about our family history.

2015-09-30 12.08.01

Dining Room at the Francis Land house, set up as it would have looked in 1810.

2015-09-30 12.14.24

The typical bed for this era including the mosquito netting around the bed, it would be replaced during the colder months with draperies to hold in the body heat to stay warm.

2015-09-30 12.13.34

The wooden piece on top of the chest was not a toy but a tool they used to tighten the ropes on the bed that held a mattress that would typically be filled with hay. The bag with the drawstring was a reticule (or purse) and the larger bag was one that attached to the undergarments to hold money because the dresses did not have pockets.


The parlor

FullSizeRender (002)

Sewing Cabinet

IMG_17552015-09-30 12.21.36IMG_1756IMG_1757

From there we went to the First Landings State Park, the point of the Chesapeake Bay where the Colonists first landed. We tried to get on base at Fort Story to see the Cape Henry lighthouse but Kerry forgot his ID so that was a no go. Oh well, maybe another time. Then on to the beach to see the waves and an awesome fried oyster lunch and homemade key lime pie at Big Sam’s Raw Bar at the Marina. Back home again to our little house on wheels. Hope everyone had a great day!!



September 28, 2015
Yorktown, VA

Today we visited Yorktown, I have to admit coming here feels like coming home.  The Colonial Parkway is just a glorious drive with massive trees lining the street on both sides. If it wasn’t for the paved road, you would feel like you have stepped back in time.  You can imagine horses and carriages filled with families going down the road greeting one another. The trees here in the last 2 weeks are becoming tinged with the colors of autumn, like little peeks of colors from an artist’s brush.  Then out of nowhere it seems, the massive York River looms into view.  The waves crashing against the shore line and fishermen sitting on rocks on the short sandy beach enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Then we arrive at the Yorktown Museum. It is still a work in progress and will be completed by Fall of 2016.  There was a gentleman in authentic costume who gave a 30 minute synopsis of the American Revolution.  The movie presentations of the battles are very good, and the demonstrations outside of life before and during the Revolution were wonderful.  I especially enjoyed the garden, home and kitchen while Kerry enjoyed the dry run of shooting the cannon as well as the actual firing of it.  We drove back to our little home on wheels by the Colonial Parkway to take in the magnificent scenery once again.

2015-09-28 15.18.022015-09-28 16.53.582015-09-28 15.16.052015-09-28 15.15.182015-09-28 15.12.302015-09-28 15.50.482015-09-28 15.13.272015-09-28 15.04.10

September 27,2015
Historic Jamestown

We spent the day today in Historic Jamestown. I really enjoyed our time there, their exhibits and the fort are pretty neat but I really enjoyed going aboard the ships. I found that being short isn’t a bad thing when you go below deck. Lol!! Tomorrow is YorktownFullSizeRender (002)2015-09-27 15.31.142015-09-27 15.30.432015-09-27 15.33.142015-09-27 15.32.392015-09-27 15.35.28!!

September 25, 2015
Williamsburg, VA
Since it’s raining, walking from exhibit to exhibit did not appeal today. Not many people are here for the weekend because of a rainy weekend forecast, so it is very quiet. We ran a couple of errands, Kerry bathed Maggie and washed our sheets.

I don’t know how many of you have spent time in an RV or have an RV but there is an art to taking a shower in one. Our shower measures 2′ by 3′ not too shabby as showers go and has 2 sliding glass doors. We have learned a few rules when it comes to taking showers..

Rule #1- NEVER take a shower right after someone else. Your water heater only holds 6 gal. of hot water and it can be brutal, when you assume they took a “quick” shower.

Rule #2- ALWAYS turn on the button for the hot water heater for LP Gas as well as the electric. It won’t hurt the water heater to have both on and provides that little extra “oomph” of heat to the temperature of the water since gas heats more quickly than electric.

Rule #3 – ALWAYS have a shower head you can turn off at the head instead of turning off at the faucets. It makes it so much easier to have the right temperature water ready and waiting after you shampoo, soaping up or shaving.

Rule #4- NEVER assume that little dribble of water coming from the shower head is the least bit warm….it isn’t.

Rule #5-ALWAYS have your towel by the shower door ready to grab, because when you open that door the air is COLD!!

If you follow these 5 rules, your shower experience will be quite wonderful. It’s great not having to walk to the showers with your bag, only to realize you have forgotten the soap, shampoo or one of those unmentionables.

Hope everyone had a great day!!

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September 24,2015
Williamsburg, VA

Today was cleaning and grocery day, we finally found our vacuum tools for the central vac system. So 15 minutes after we found them, the RV was clean….gotta love small spaces!! We reorganized and got rid of some more items from here. We just don’t need to be toting around a lot of things that add weight!!

We have spent most of the day the last 2 days seeing Colonial Williamsburg and were very tired so we took a break today from sightseeing. We will be here another week so I am sure we will finish everything we wanted to see while in Williamsburg.

I left to go grocery shopping and was excited to be in a Farm Fresh store again. We had one when we lived in Raleigh and I always liked shopping there. I have to say that I have really enjoyed seeing this part of Virginia, our campground is by an interstate highway and the noise is minimal because of the number of trees all around. They have huge areas of trees on either side of the interstate and in the median, too. You feel like you are driving through a forest and not on an interstate at all, very refreshing after seeing all the concrete and steel in Atlanta. Oh yeah, no billboards either!! Nice!! Hope everyone had a great day!! Don’t forget to subscribe to for Kerry’s post.

September 23, 2015
Colonial Williamsburg
Today was our second day back in Williamsburg and we started with the Capitol.  We really enjoyed our guide, Emily who took us through the building showing where the Virginia House of Burgesses met, the courtroom resided over by Lord Dunmore, the royal governor and the Governor’s Council room.
Our Guide for the Capitol Tour

Our Guide for the Capitol Tour

2015-09-23 11.53.10
We headed down the street past the Raleigh Tavern to the Bakery, for a snack because a bowl of cereal just doesn’t last very long.  Then on to the Silversmith’s Shop, the silversmith was pounding a bowl out of a 9″ plate of sterling silver.  The Milliner and Tailor Shop was next, most clothing was sewn in the Tailor’s Shop.  There were very few clothes that were premade for you to purchase, everything was custom made for each individual or hand me downs were remade or updated to the fashion of the time.
2015-09-23 13.14.09
2015-09-23 13.30.38
The Armoury was next and consisted of the Blacksmith, Tin Shop and Leather Shop. The name Armoury meant that they made items for the Militia, not stores of weapons (like one gentleman thought).
2015-09-23 13.50.122015-09-23 14.03.10
From there we went outside of Colonial Williamsburg to have lunch at The Cheese Shop and enjoyed having our lunch outside.  After lunch, we visited The College of William and Mary. One of the many colleges I made shirts for back in the mid ’90’s, that sold in their bookstores.
2015-09-23 15.56.56
2015-09-23 15.58.54
We headed back but not before checking out the York River.  Wow, it was huge!!  On the map, you don’t realize how wide it is and because it meets the Atlantic, the waves were crashing on shore.  Very pretty!!
2015-09-23 16.54.56

September 22, 2015
Colonial Williamsburg

I got up this morning made breakfast, made our pasta sauce for dinner tonight, cleaned up the kitchen and then out the door to Colonial Williamsburg.  I have wanted to go to Colonial Williamsburg ever since I first heard about it, I have anticipated this trip for the last few months and I am thrilled to be here.   It is everything I thought it would and more!!  The working farm is awesome, the kitchen with a fireplace as tall as myself, where the lady in there had just finished making johnnycakes with 100 homeschoolers.  Talking about farmer life and the struggles the farmer and his wife had caring for a farm of this size.  The woman not only took care of the gardens, kitchen, chickens, children, smokehouse and slaughtering, she was also the barterer for goods and supplies, a teacher and a tobacco hand.  The farmer was not a slackard by any means working from sunup to sunset in the fields with the oxen, plow and cart and the caring for and feeding of the large animals.   When you see what they dealt with on a daily basis, I have real appreciation for some of  my ancestors who were tenant farmers just trying to survive.


Working the oxen

Working the oxen

Our guide for the tour of the Governor's Palace. The Governor was appointed by the King of England himself.

Our guide for the tour of the Governor’s Palace. The Governor was appointed by the King of England himself.

The Governor’s Palace was next on the tour with our guide starting the tour in 1770, the home and the gardens were beautiful.  We were able to see the living quarters of Lord Dunmore and his family.  The kitchen was separate from the house with a feast prepared, a house just for the pots and pans to be cleaned, the real working smokehouse with Virginia Hams and giant slabs of bacon hanging in there.

FullSizeRender (005)

McKenzie Apothecary


2015-09-22 14.19.58On to the McKenzie Apothecary for a bottle of water and a snack,  past the George Wythe House to Bruton Parish Church, an Anglican Episcopal.  This church has a pipe organ, pews inside of rooms with doors for family members to sit together, this church is still a functioning church with volunteers answering questions.  It had famous visitors like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe to visit and worship there on occasion.

The Weaver was the last place to go where they would card either wool, cotton or flax and spin on to bobbins to make fabrics. The dyes would come from either plants, insects and spices and they would use different types of metal pots to dye in to either increase or decrease the intensity of the colors.  That was the end of today’s walk, we will pickup where we left off tomorrow since we purchased a multi day pass.

Back to our little house on wheels for dinner!!   MMMmmm….yummy!!!

FullSizeRender (007)

Hope everyone had a great day!!

September 21, 2015
Richmond, VA

This morning we did laundry since leaving the Atlanta area,  where we were doing laundry at our daughter’s house.  We were in for a big shock when we went to the laundry room and washing a load of clothes  was $2.00….okay.  Well, we only had 2 loads to wash no problem….right??!!….au contraire, mon ami…a teeny washer drum in the washer.  We had to split one of the loads because of the jeans, so now we have 3 loads.  Sheesh!!   Fortunately, the dryers were big and each held a full load at a measly $1.50 each.  $9.00 for 2 loads of laundry, I think I see some hand washing in my future, lol.

We had a terrific time last night with Catie, McCray and Lauren at a cool restaurant in the heart of downtown Richmond called Comfort Restaurant.  The food was delicious and the company was the best!!  Thanks guys for spending time with us!!  Hope everyone had a great day

September 20, 2015
Williamsburg, VA

Today is a laid back kind of day, breezy, mostly cloudy and cool. We have had the windows open in the RV and have enjoyed feeling the breeze blowing in, making way for the rain tomorrow. We went for groceries and I picked up some items for dinner. I made Low Country Boil for dinner shrimp, red potatoes and corn on the cob….so yummy!! Tomorrow afternoon we will head to Richmond to see the sights and have dinner with former students of Kerry’s. It was a very good and relaxing day, hope your day was, too!!

September 19, 2015
Newport News, VA
We drove to Newport News today to visit the Mariner’s Museum, a full day event.  What an awesome place to see!!  When you first walked in to the Museum, there was a kid’s activity center on the right, it included sea chests the kids could open and learn about sea life as sailor.  The games they played, the jobs that were required when living aboard the ship such as repairing sails and the meaning of being “on watch”.
2015-09-19 12.25.13
We were able to enjoy a movie in the Explorers Theater about the ocean in 3D called Mysteries of the Unseen World with Jacques-Michel Cousteau.  You felt like you were there with him, so cool!!  We went from there to check out the Battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia (formerly The USS Merrimack) and how both ships were converted with the armor. The USS Monitor had a rotating turret with 2 Dahlgren guns(cannons), which to me was quite amazing for that era as well.  I loved see the mechanics of these 2 warships, displayed through working models at the museum.  The video describing the battle, the displays of the living quarters, the wreck off the coast of North Carolina, the discovery of the wreckage in 1973 and the raising of the turret from the wreckage in 2002.  Even the desalination rooms where you could walk up the stairs and see the retrieved turret, cannons and engine soaking to remove the salt, a process that could take up to 20 years to preserve these pieces.
CSS Monitor2015-09-19 14.42.082015-09-19 14.41.57
There were so many displays from numerous figureheads, a Naval display of a sub with bunks and a sonar room, miniature ships, two huge passenger ships displays and how their engines run and my favorite, a cannonball weight display using kettle bells.  I could not pick up the smallest one.  Whoever lifted these into place in a cannon had to be super strong.
2015-09-19 12.25.40IMG_1679
Back to our little house on wheels for dinner and a movie.  It was a great day, hope yours’ was, too.
September 18, 2015
Outdoor World Williamsburg
Today has been a planning day for places we want to see while we are in Williamsburg. We have decided tomorrow is the Mariner’s Museum and Sunday will be Virginia Beach.  One of the places in Virginia Beach will be the Francis Land House which has been turned into a museum.   Francis Land may be a predecessor on my dad’s side of the family, so I am very excited to see this historic spot and see what other tidbits of info I can get on the Land family.  We are going Monday to Richmond to have dinner with 2 of Kerry’s former students; as well as check out some of the historical sites there.  The rest of the week will be spent checking out Jamestown, Historic Jamestown and Yorktown.  This is such a rich area of our nation’s history and I am excited to experience all the places we studied about when we were in school.  I hope everyone had a great day!!
September 17, 2015
Outdoor World Williamsburg

We left this morning around 10 am to head out toward Williamsburg, VA. We are getting this ready to leave routine down pat so much that the dog sits in the driver’s seat watching and waiting. I can now say I have been from where I-85 begins all the way to the end in Montgomery at I-65. The drive was very pretty and we utilized the rest stops along the way to stop, take a break and enjoy the beauty of the area. We can see the color of the leaves beginning to change ever so slightly with just a few golds and reds in the midst of all the trees. The bridge leaving I-95 to VA 895 was massive and looked like the beginning of a roller coaster ride but the view was majestic to the water flowing below. We are very excited to be here and can’t wait to check everything out that is in the area and plan our days here. Hope every had a great day!!
P.S. If you want to read Kerry’s version of today, check out today’s blog  😉


September 16, 2015
Winston-Salem, NC

Today we drove up to Winston-Salem and had lunch with Kerry’s Uncle Hugh and Aunt Libby. We ate at a wonderful little Greek Restaurant and had a great time catching up. After lunch they took us to a place called Old Salem, a town founded by the Moravians in 1766. There were little shops like a bakery, general store, tea room, gardens, gunsmith, silversmith, along with several demonstrations on how items were crafted at that time.

Lol, we can attest to the yummy goodness of the bakery because we shared a slice of the moistest Chocolate Pound Cake, I have ever eaten.

Salem College is in the community which was founded in 1772, the thirteenth oldest college in the U. S. It is still in operation today and is a 4 year private liberal arts college for women. It is a beautiful campus with wonderful architectural appeal. What a wonderful afternoon it was soaking in the sights of a bygone era.

2015-09-16 14.16.16 2015-09-16 14.24.54 2015-09-16 13.56.20 IMG_1668

September 15, 2015
Forest Lake Preserve, Advance, NC

Today was more of a rest mode, finished putting some sewing gear away I had delegated a space for and trying to conquer the convection/microwave oven that came with our RV. We tried biscuits this morning, pretty good but not quite as brown on top as I would like; so we will play around with the oven settings and see if we can get it right next time.

The campground we are staying at is very nice with a camp store, arcade, kid’s pool, adult pool, playground, putt-putt, a small lake for fishing and a beach. There are nature trails that head down toward the Yadkin River. It is very quiet and very relaxing, just enjoying our time back in NC. I loved living here the almost 10 yrs we were here between Raleigh and Charlotte. We are pulling out of here Thursday for Williamsburg, it’s going to be fun!! Hope everyone had a great day!!


September 15, 2015
On Our Way


The adventure began today, we are feeling a little bit like Indiana Jones…hence our hats!!! Lol.

Our trip started later than expected, our tires were 5 – 10 lbs under pressure. Kerry spent most of the morning with the air compressor filling tires
up to proper pressure. Our drive was great, we stopped in SC and I made coffee and a snack for us. We were yawning and needed the caffeine. Love having the kitchen to make a good cup of coffee..not to mention sleeping in my own bed every night, can’t do that in a hotel.
A short stop in Gastonia for RO’s BBQ and a Diet Cheerwine, yum! Life is good!! Back on the road to the Winston-Salem area trying to get there before dark… That didn’t happen, we’re very grateful for headlights and flashlights!! Haha!
We are staying in Advance, NC at Forest Lake RV Resort and Campground. Loving my little house on wheels!! Hope everyone had a great day!!

September 10, 2015
McKinney Campground, Acworth, GA

Yesterday was spent reorganizing the basement area of the camper and listening to the rain hit the roof (a peaceful, lulling sound). Also, hearing the birds use our slide toppers that were filled with water from the rain as a birdbath. Watched them ruffle and shake their feathers afterwards on a branch in the tree beside the windows of the RV. The deer here are numerous and I love to see the little fawns walking around eating the grass with their mamas.

We had to change to a new site today, since we added some extra days here before we leave for VA. The weather cooperated tonight and we were able to cook and eat dinner outside. Maggie and I sat outside, while Kerry went to the store. I saw a hawk swoop down out of the trees to grab his evening meal. Man, what a sight!!

Our new neighbors, Tony and Joann, are so nice and we had a long walk with them after dinner. They live in Panama City, Florida right near St Andrews State Park, where we are staying in November. We plan on reconnecting with them, when we get down there but will enjoy their company while we are here. That is the one thing about camping, there are always new people to meet, friendships gained and an appreciation for all the beauty of God’s creation.

April 25, 2015
Brunswick, GA

I haven’t really posted much this week other than our time at Jekyll on Monday. We have worked on projects, a little shopping buying specific items for the RV that have been on our list for a while that we will need on the road full time.  We have met some really nice people during our stay here in Brunswick, very informative and helpful.  The resort we are staying at has been so convenient, Kerry did a great job picking out a place to stay.  The rain left on Monday evening and the rest of the week has been absolutely gorgeous.

Kerry had several outside projects to work on so Tuesday, so for me, the morning was spent reorganizing the kitchen space. Until you live in it longer than a weekend, it is a work in progress.  Nevertheless, it was a successful day and I like the end result, just need a divider for one of our drawers.  Cleaning was also on the agenda, vacuuming, washing windows, cleaning the bathroom, general dusting, it took all of 30 minutes tops.  Oh yeah, looking forward to living in our 400 sq. ft. box, after our house is sold!!  We went into town, took pictures of Downtown Brunswick, had yummy brick fired pizza outside and drove over to Sidney Lanier Park so I could get a picture of the bridge.  From the side, it looks like a giant sailboat, from the top of the bridge you can also see the Port of Brunswick with massive cargo ships docked.  So cool!!

2015-04-21 14.51.42

Sidney Lanier Bridge over the Brunswick River

2015-04-21 15.25.38








Port of Brunswick, new import cars unloaded and waiting for shipment by truck or rail car.

2015-04-21 14.30.36

Old City Hall

When we purchased the RV, the kitchen faucet did not have a sprayer, so we upgraded ours to one with a pull out sprayer.  Wednesday we had to go to Lowe’s to pick up the extension hoses because what came with the unit did not reach our hoses inside the RV.  Kerry, being the handy guy he is, replaced it for me on Thursday, thank you Honey, you’re the best!!  We also drove down to Jacksonville Thursday evening and had a wonderful dinner with Kerry’s Aunt Betty and his cousin Debbie and her husband Tom.  What a great time seeing family and telling stories about our families, where lots of love and laughter was shared.  We missed seeing Ron and Judy, but hope their house in KY sells very quickly!!  Maybe next time, y’all!!  One of our neighbors here shared about a campground in St. Augustine that has the river on one side and the Atlantic on the other, we’ll have to come back and visit when everyone is here.

Friday was just a rest day, spent some time planning things to get rid of at the house before we put it on the market.  We met new neighbors, Bob and Opal, saw their luxurious RV and they shared fresh blueberries with us they picked on Thursday, State Park or Resort there is always a family feeling when camping.  Today the rain has returned, but it’s only for today so no worries it should be pretty here through Monday when we leave.  Love the sound of the rain on the roof, so relaxing!!  Hope everyone has had a great week!!

April 21, 2015  Jekyll Island, GA 

Spent the day at Jekyll Island yesterday, loved the historic section of the island.  It’s such a wonderful step back in time, you can picture horse drawn carriages bringing visitors to the island.  The clip clop of theirs hooves over the shell filled road, frilly garb and parasols for the ladies and dapper gentlemen dressed in their suits and waistcoats.

Jekly Island

We ate shrimp, new potatoes and crab bisque at Latitude 31, while we watched the fishing and shrimping boats in the intercostal waterway. Ocean breeze in our faces, seagulls flying overhead or sitting on the pier posts “talking” to one another during our meal. We walked on the beach at low tide after lunch, spied a silver dollar slip into the sand, marveled at all the shells and observed the birds hunting for their lunch.  Run little crabs!!! Seafood and the beach, what an awesome day!!

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