Jamestown & Yorktown

It has been a busy couple of days.  On Sunday afternoon, we spent about four hours at the Jamestown Settlement museum.  It has wonderful displays that starts out in the early 1600’s with all the things that were happening at that time and each section takes you forward to the settlement time of Jamestown.  The outside portion starts with the recreation of a small Powaton Indian Village, the predominant Indian tribe in the area of the time.  The Indians initially shared their resources, but when there was a severe drought, the settlers just took what they wanted.  Not a good way to make for friends with your neighbors.  Also, some of the history that we were taught was not quite accurate.  Can you believe that?

2015-09-27 14.57.27

2015-09-27 15.31.28

The church inside Jamestown fort.

Captain John Smith, who was credited with saving Jamestown was not at all liked by his fellow Englishmen.  Most thought he was just a braggart and bully, but I guess when you get results, they speak for themselves.

The next major exhibit had replicas of the three ships that brought the English to Jamestown.  We went aboard the largest and down below deck.  If you were more than about 5 foot 6 inches at the time is sailed, you were going to have a sore head.  To say the least, it was not built for tall people.  Also, with the number of people that were on board, there was not much room to do anything but sit still.

2015-09-27 15.01.14

The Susan Constant was the flagship of the fleet along with the Godspeed and the Discovery.

2015-09-27 15.01.38

The Discovery

Lastly was a full size recreation of the actual fort at Jamestown.  I had always thought the early forts were just tree trunks stood vertically with the ends sharpened to a point.  Actually, they were sawed lumber with pointed ends.  The sawed lumber was also one of the main exports back to England.  The first settlers were only men, no women allowed.  The main purpose of the colony was not religious freedom, but to make money.

After all that walking, we were spent, so we came back to the RV, had a quick dinner, and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.   


On Tuesday morning, we went to the Yorktown Center and learned more about the American Revolution.  We had a speaker who was outstanding and covered a 26 year span before, during, and after the revolution in 34 minutes.  I learned so much more than I ever knew about that time period.  Our speaker worked in the Senate for many years and was involved in a lot of the legislation we have today regarding environmental protections.  He was better than any college professor I have had.

Then it was on to the outside exhibits.  The main attraction was the Continental Army and Encampment.  This place was great.  They got the audience involved in what involved in turning regular people into a professional army.  Most of the Americans at the time were farmers.  Needless to say, when it came to marching and drills, we would have had a long was to go.  They even showed what was involved in firing a cannon and actually fired one.  I can’t image being on the receiving end of that thunder.

2015-09-28 15.17.46

The soldiers living quarters

2015-09-28 15.14.06

The artillery crew preparing to fire the cannon.

2015-09-28 15.15.01

Cover your ears. There is going to be a BIG BOOM.

Lastly, was an illustration of the surgery techniques that were used in that day, and what was involved in removing a musket ball and the amputation of a limb.  Let’s just say, I am glad I live in today’s era where there is anesthesia and pain killers.

Lynette and I are settling into a routine here, with us taking turns with the laundry, dishes, and various housekeeping activities.  After 37 years of marriage, we are still leaning a few things about each other that we never knew.  I suppose that’s because we are living in such snug quarters.  All in all, it is a ton of fun, but also a lot of work.

If you have any ideas for us, or questions about our new lifestyle, feel free to leave us a comment.  If it is the first time you comment, it won’t show up immediately because I have to approve the first one. That’s to keep the spam out, and man is there a ton.  Be sure to read Lynette’s Posts too under her page.  It is interesting to see the different perspectives.

We will be posting some pictures of our living quarters later in the week, so stay tuned as we are RVingthecountry.

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