First Day “On The Road”

WOW, what a day. We have  been living in our RV for a couple of weeks now,  but this is our first real day, “on the road”.  We spent the morning at McKinney Campground, finishing organizing some things, getting rid of stuff we really didn’t need.  Lynette got things on the inside ready to travel, generally making sure nothing would fall and break. The outside of the RV was my domain.

I bought a new air compressor a few weeks ago that is specifically designed for RVs and BIG trucks.  It will put out up to 150 psi, and since my RV tires are the same size used on big rigs, they require 110 psi.  Regular air compressors require you to pump up the tire some, release some air from the compressor so it cycles on again and then complete that process over and over until you get the right pressure.  This compressor has a very small tank, so it works to keep the air up to 150 psi and never cycles off. Most of the tires were terrible low, so it took a while to get everything up to the right settings. I love this thing.

Lynette thought it would be a great idea to take a picture just before we left, so here we are in our Indiana Jones hats, ready to take on an adventure.



As you can see, I am not a very good selfie artist, (hate that word) but there we are.  You may note the wet spots on my shirt.  Retirement does not mean you don’t have to work, it just means you don’t get paid for it.

We didn’t leave the campground till about 1:00, so we definitely got a late start.  The Atlanta traffic didn’t want us to forget what it was like, so it gave us one last reminder of bumper to bumper purgatory.

Up through South Carolina, into Gastonia, NC where two of my favorite places for food are located.  RO’s BBQ is more famous for their BBQ slaw than their BBQ.  It is a special slaw mixed with a secret blend of BBQ sauce and other secret spices.  This is seriously fine eatin’.  When I was in high school and college and didn’t have enough money for a BBQ sandwich, I would just get a slaw burger.  Yep, this awesome slaw on a hamburger bun. Those were good times.

The other great place in Tony’s Ice Cream shop.  This is the absolute best ice cream in the world.  If you go, you have to try a chocolate milk shake.  It’s made with chocolate ice cream and milk with a big slab of ice cream on the top.  Heaven in a glass.

We are spending the night in Advance, NC at the Forest Lakes Campground.  It is part of the Thousand Trails campground system of 80 campgrounds across the country.  We pay $495 a year and get to stay for $3 a night for up to two weeks at a time.  Then we have to be out of the systems for a week and then get to do it all over again.  Also, the first 30 nights are free.  The regular rates are about $45 a night, so we are coming out way ahead.

We got there after dark, which was a big mistake because there are no streetlights, so I had to put up everything in the dark.  However, the  gate attendant led us to our site and he helped me get backed in.  Anyone who has ever had their spouse direct them into an unfamiliar campsite after dark, in reverse, knows this is not a recipe for marital bliss.  This guy went out of his way to help us.

We are planning to stay here for a couple of days, visit with some family, and then on up to Williamsburg, VA.  I am loving this RVing The Country.

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  1. You know you are correct in that we were programmed to set goals and develop plans to execute activities that would meet those goals for so many years. I guess when I retired that was the hardest thing to deactivate. Hell, I am still using a planner to schedule my chores and other activities and it has been over 12 years since I retired. I guess some thing just never change.

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