A Day for Planning

Today was pretty much a day for planning.  There is so much to do here and we are less than 30 minutes from most of the places we want to visit.  At least the location of the campground is good.  Unlike vacation, where you arrive at your destination and then rush to see everything before you have to be back at work, we get to take our time.  Our plans are to see Colonial Williamsburg since that is the main reason for this trip.  Lynette has wanted to see it for years, and I am excited to see the historical places as well.  They have a 50+ special right now, we both qualify, that allows you to buy one day and get to come back as often as you like for the next year.  Our plan is to spend several half-days there, take our time, and not get worn out.  http://www.colonialwilliamsburg.com/


Tomorrow is a visit to the Mariner’s Museum, in Newport News.  Lynette’s father was a Navy man, serving on a minesweeper in WWII, so we have to see this. The 17,500 square foot facility houses a collection that features nearly 150 boats from 42 countries, and is one of the few truly internationally focused collections in the world.  The Civil War buffs would really enjoy the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor artifacts and the interactive displays that surrounded the Monitor‘s story during the American Civil War. http://www.marinersmuseum.org/

CSS Monitor

Sunday, we are going to Virginia beach for the day.  I have heard about it most of my life, and now get to see and experience it.  How cool.

Next week is a few days at Colonial Williamsburg, a visit to the Jamestown Settlement and Jamestown National Park, the Yorktown Victory Center, Yorktown Battlefield, and Yorktown National Park.  That is going to be a pretty full week.  I am definitely going to have to brush up my history.

The following week is a visit to the Virginia Air and Space Museum, and a couple of state parks.  Then it is on to “The Museum of the Confederacy”, one in Richmond and the other in Appomattox .  It does include stuff ’bout them Yankee’s too.  If we don’t get to all of them next week, we can do some of them the following week.  http://www.vasc.org/ https://acwm.org/visit-us

I think we are going to have to pace ourselves and make sure to keep our wars straight. No matter, when we get tired, we can just go back to our house on wheels, rest a bit, and then go out again.

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